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The Amulree & Strathbraan Windfarm Action Group was set up by residents at the start of 2004 as a result of a number of proposals to build multiple large-scale wind farms in and around Amulree and Strathbraan.

Big Tree or Bigger Turbines

Our membership comprises people of all political persuasions and walks of life. Nearly every resident is either a member of our group or supports our stance. We have received help and support from all over Scotland and beyond.

If all current and planned proposals are approved there will be 190 turbines as tall as 122 metres (400 feet) to blade tip, including the Abercairny site, in the area between Crieff, Dunkeld and Aberfeldy.

We believe that proposals for industrial scale wind power stations are inappropriate for this rural location and will have a harmful impact on the tourist economy, the landscape, the wildlife and the local communities of Highland Perthshire.

We do not oppose Renewable Energy, quite the reverse. We challenge Westminster, Holyrood & the Scottish Executive to do more than subsidise onshore industrial wind power stations

We are fully behind the rollout of clean and renewable energy in its various forms, and are incredibly glad that we are currently able to compare energy plans using predominantly renewable power from a range of different providers.

We simply want the government to pay more care and attention to where they allow renewable generation facilities to be installed.




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