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The area we are trying to protect is a golden triangle at the very heart of Scotland, with Aberfeldy to the north, Dunkeld to the east and Crieff to the west. We could easily devote this entire web site, not just this page, to this small area which contains -

National Scenic Areas, Sites of Scientific Interest and Ancient Monuments

Forests, Heathland and Lochs & Rivers

Increasingly Rare Birds, Mammals & Plants

This is why it needs protecting from industrial developments - and not just for so called NIMBY locals but for all of us. Thankfully, many others already have taken to the web to share their enjoyment and knowledge. Some links to their sites are provided below.




Contained within this area are amongst others:

The Birks o' Aberfeldy

Written about by Robert Burns

The Hermitage

A National Trust for Scotland property and one of First Minister Jack McConnell MSPs favourite places

The Sma' Glen

A favourite of Sir Walter Scott and many current artists

Rumbling Bridge

Painted by Millais

The Rob Roy Way

An up & coming long distance path threatend by the Calliachar proposal

Glen Quaich

One of the diminishing areas of blanket bog, a natural carbon sink, which could be ruined by industrial wind farm development!

The River Braan

Boasting unique trout and some of the best canoeing in Scotland


We could go on and on - suffice to say Google lists over a 1000 relevant pages for this area.



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