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Still awaiting the developers...

Both I&H Brown and GreenPower are STILL making ammendments to their proposals and everyone else has to await them.  


You can now send a short & simple objection\submission to the Scottish Executive and Perth & Kinross Council from this website, all you need is a valid email address. Go to our updated "What You Can Do" page.


Showing it like it is

The Scottish Wind Assesment Project has caused a minor media sensation with the release of their Gazetteer of Wind Power in Scotland containing a map of the country showing current proposed & approved industrial windfarm developmemts. Looks like the old place is sufferring from an extremly bad case of the measels! Until their own site is up & running we are hosting a downloadeable version on our "Links to documents" page and a smaller version of their map is on our "Facts & Figures" page.


Newsnight Scotland BBC2 20th January.

Jobs Bonanza?

More likely a cash bonanza for wind turbine company moguls

The Newsnight Scotland program focused on the claims by the Scottish Renewables Forum that wind power creates :

Substantial job opportunities

( The program pointed out that these are mostly for short term low tech construction work, high paid hi-tech manufacturing is carried out abroad)

Clean energy

(The program pointed out that this requires 100% backup generation)

Community benefits

(The program pointed out that so far not one community has actually seen any cash from a developer)

We refute the claim that 8000 jobs will be created by wind power development but only if, as the Scottish Renewables Forum claim,

“the negativity of Nimby organisations is resisted.”

From our own experience we know from GreenPower - the company planning a large windfarm at Grffin Forest in the Aberfeldy/Dunkeld area – that a paltry maximum of 7 long term jobs will be created per 82 turbines, proportionally a fraction of Scottish Renewables calculations. Where are all the other jobs coming from?

Also ridiculed were claims by SRF that

"the opposition to wind is a minority, but a vocal one aiming to dictate energy policy"


“unfortunately views from the margins gain too much currency. The opposition to wind is a minority, but it is a vocal one aiming to dictate energy policy.”

In an area where nearly 100% of the local population opposes the destruction which wind farms will do, and who have become very well informed, they are as entitled to their say as the wind power companies. Wind turbine companies are poised to gain colossal financial rewards. And we live in a democracy – everyone is entitled to have their say.





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