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At present there are three proposals for wind farms in this area

Calliachar - 46 turbines on heather moorland north of Glen Quaich, near Amulree. I & H Brown have submitted an application to the Scottish Office.


Griffin Forest - GreenPower propose to install 82 x 122 metre (400 feet) turbines in and around forest to the north of Trochry. An application has been presented to the Scottish Executive


Logiealmond Estate - AMEC are at the early stages of plans for a 40 turbine site on the Earl of Mansfield's Scone Estate on the hillside to the south of Strathbraan, between Trochry and Amulree.


Also Near by:

Abercairny - 24 turbines near Foulford Inn on the A822 Crieff to Aberfeldy National Tourist Route, close to Sma' Glen. An application is currently being assesed by the Scottish Executive.

In total there are 13 windfarm developments ongoing or proposed for in and around Perthshire. Click here to download current details (29.04.04)

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